Reports on Rolorunsho Alakija

Folorunsho Alakija, born in Nigeria, is a wealthy business woman whose industry involves fashion, oil and printing industries. She became the wealthiest black women over Oprah Winfrey in 2014, and was listed onto list of the most influencing female in the world in 2015. She accepted her primary school education and and her secondary school education in the United Kingdom. Then she went abroad to pursue her studies in London. And she also learned fashion design at the American College.

It’s well-known that Folorunsho is particular about fashion and has a high taste. It’s said that her house was personalized at a skyrocketed cost, becoming the fourth expensive house in the world. In 1974, the woman began her career from a secretary. Several years later, she joined a company – erstwhile First National Bank of Chicago, namely today’s FinBank. Then she formed her first tailoring company – Supreme Stiches. The tailoring company morphed into a household name in a short time. In addition, some Nigeria women will aid the company at times.

In May 1993, she devoted herself in oil drilling and received OPL (Oil Prospecting License), which also contributes extensively to her immense wealth. Forming a joint venture with Star Deep Water Petroleum Limited, she also took the company as their technical advisor. Besides, she owns some real estates and private helicopters worth $46m or so. Except for fashion and oil industry, she also enthusiastic at charity cause to help widows or orphans who were stuck in immediate problems. The great woman even dined with many people with great reputation like kings, queens, presidents and business leaders in the whole world.

But what surprised us is the bed-rock of her great success is down to faith in God. No matter what kind of decision she would like to make, she will look into God. In one sense, most people regarded herself as an oil magnate rather than a fashion idol today. Even having retired for decades, she said she will never give up fashion.

In many situation, woman could not perform better than man, but her story reminds and inspires all female that they could even perform better than them, no matter in fashion industry or heavy industry.

When I look up to famous people and their stories, I could learn something more or less. At present, I would like to say there are many other possibilities in everyone’s life, not only the occupation of teacher or civil servants. The world is gigantic, one should try to explore more possibilities and add strong strokes to your life. Only build up power of oneself, one can win more rights and opportunities to participate in more respects of life.

Before reaching the planned goal, one should keep learning professional know-hows so that such techniques could provide strong power to the whole career empire. Because every step one already took will become bricks under your feet. To a certain extent, more professional knowledge could give more space for one’s promotion.

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